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Rosa M. Thielmann - Kamerafrau - Film und Fotografie - www.rosasartmovie.com
Hello, my name is Rosa.

Since I was a child, I have always been making up stories, writing books, coordinating theatre shows - and using the camera as a medium to do so.
When I got my (first) DSLR Canon 550D, I discovered how much fun professional filming was. Today I am an independent film-creator, I direct, record and cut a wide spectrum of movies:
My seven years of experience in acting, filming and directing have taught me a great range of possibilities to achieve the best results possible.
My hourly rate varies between 50-100 Euro depending on the project and the location. For further information on prizes and an individual offer, please use my contact form below.

Every idea is welcome, every movie is an adventure, wether tall or small, I'll do them all. Start your own high quality but fair prize video- or foto-Project with

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Rosa M. Thielmann

Kamerafrau für Fotografie & Film, Künstlerin

Schmidtstr. 12  Frankfurt/M.